Monday, June 27, 2011

Little things I'm proud of

So, I've had some free time during Jaden's naps to finish up and start some little projects. These are just a few I think are fun.

First, I found some super cute and summery outdoor fabric on sale, so I decided to finally make some pillows for our glider.  I went to DI and found some pillows for $2 and just covered 'em up! Here's a before and after picture, and what they look like on the glider. I just love the little splash of color on an otherwise very concrete/brick patio.

Next, I spruced up our kitchen! Shawn and I found these chairs out on a curb. They were being thrown away because a new little puppy decided the legs tasted good. But, luckily, when you young and poor, little cosmetic details like that don't bother you. So, we picked 'em up and gave them a makeover. After scrubbing them down, filling some holes with wood filler, and recovering them (all for less then $15), we have four beautiful sturdy kitchen chairs! Three sit at the table and the fourth we use as a computer desk chair

Next, I decided I was sick of my sewing machine sitting on the floor underneath the table looking cluttered. So, once again, I found same fabric on sale for $.75 for 2 yards (awesome I know...I love Home Fabrics), and made a cover for it! I havne't put a slit on the top for the handle yet because I need to go buy orange thread. But, I think it's pretty cute!

This one happened a few weeks ago, so we're a little out of order. My wonderful friend Hailey is the craft queen and she made wreaths out of winter bush sticks growing along her fence. She gave one to me and I added some ribbon and flowers I found at D.I. for $1 to make a fall wreath for our door. I love it and can't wait to use it! 

Last for now, I made my first strawberry rhubarb pie! Shawn's professor has two HUGE rhubarb bushes, and they gave enough for a pie. It didn't set very well, but it tasted wonderful!


My favorite thing about all these projects is that they were so cheap! I probably did al this for under $20! Yea for being thrifty!

Till next time,