Monday, June 27, 2011

Little things I'm proud of

So, I've had some free time during Jaden's naps to finish up and start some little projects. These are just a few I think are fun.

First, I found some super cute and summery outdoor fabric on sale, so I decided to finally make some pillows for our glider.  I went to DI and found some pillows for $2 and just covered 'em up! Here's a before and after picture, and what they look like on the glider. I just love the little splash of color on an otherwise very concrete/brick patio.

Next, I spruced up our kitchen! Shawn and I found these chairs out on a curb. They were being thrown away because a new little puppy decided the legs tasted good. But, luckily, when you young and poor, little cosmetic details like that don't bother you. So, we picked 'em up and gave them a makeover. After scrubbing them down, filling some holes with wood filler, and recovering them (all for less then $15), we have four beautiful sturdy kitchen chairs! Three sit at the table and the fourth we use as a computer desk chair

Next, I decided I was sick of my sewing machine sitting on the floor underneath the table looking cluttered. So, once again, I found same fabric on sale for $.75 for 2 yards (awesome I know...I love Home Fabrics), and made a cover for it! I havne't put a slit on the top for the handle yet because I need to go buy orange thread. But, I think it's pretty cute!

This one happened a few weeks ago, so we're a little out of order. My wonderful friend Hailey is the craft queen and she made wreaths out of winter bush sticks growing along her fence. She gave one to me and I added some ribbon and flowers I found at D.I. for $1 to make a fall wreath for our door. I love it and can't wait to use it! 

Last for now, I made my first strawberry rhubarb pie! Shawn's professor has two HUGE rhubarb bushes, and they gave enough for a pie. It didn't set very well, but it tasted wonderful!


My favorite thing about all these projects is that they were so cheap! I probably did al this for under $20! Yea for being thrifty!

Till next time,

Monday, May 10, 2010


Recently I have been getting into the world of crafting. I am far behind the trend on these, but I needed magnets, so I might as well have cute ones.

 My friend Deborah gave me the inspiration for these. Look how cute! The wreath is hanging on my office door. I am going to make three more balls and they are going to hang at different lengths on the office window.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snap shot

Nothing poetic today. Just a verbal snap shot of life.

I am sitting here on my computer, having just finished cleaning the oven and listening to some conference talks.
The CA is working in my office, and I am thinking about what I get to do tomorrow to celebrate my mid-week day off. Meanwhile, my husband is taking a nap in our room, even though it's 10:00 pm.


These past few days he seems to be making up for the past 3 years of no rest by falling asleep around 7:00 pm, waking up at 10:00, and then back down by 10:30. Oh, but don't fret, the guy deserves every minute of that beautiful sleep. Until last week, he never stopped working. Literally....he never stopped working. Up at 6:30 for Marine Corp PT, shower at 8:00, out the door by 8:30. Class, homework, hand in an assignment, class, group work meeting, homework, quiz in class, 20 minutes for lunch, one more class. Work for 5 hours, 30 minutes for dinner if he can make it home by 7:00, stop by the store to pick up milk for his wife (that lucky girl happens to be me) more homework, listening to his wife talk about her day as if it were half as difficult as his, if he's really unlucky she'll then make him play a game of Sequence with him, and then maybe just maybe asleep by 12:00. He has amazed me one long day after another. That has always been Shawn's strength, being diligent, not afraid of working really hard. He does whatever it takes to achieve what he knows is good. Now that the craziness is on hold for a few weeks and he only has two classes and work, he is taking full advantage. This last week it has been a joy to see him literally devour the first book since his mission that he has read just for the pleasure of it.Wonder what book a future Marine Officer chooses to read?


Way to go husband!

the start of here...

So this whole blog thing is a hard one to figure out. Honestly.

I love reading blogs. All different kinds. I love reading the brand new bride's updates about her newly budding family.  I love reading about someone's poetic take on the little moments in their day, where their words literally transport you to this magical view of the sparkles their child's laugh sends into a room. I love reading about the recipes and cuisine experiences that elate someone into their own little heaven. I love staring at the photographers pictures that literally do say a thousand words. I feel at home when I read about the believer's testimony of their God.

All of these beautiful blogs that I follow seem to have their own identity. They have a theme, a purpose, their own little wave of feeling that their readers come to love and expect, like the mother wants to give updates on her families life. The photographer wants an audience for their extraordinary talents. The cook or baker loves to share their newest creation. The poet can't help but send their words out into the universe, touching hearts on their way. The crafty women needs to give every other crafty women another great project. The comic makes everyday life feel lighthearted and easy.

But what about me? I know I want to share. Everyone's life is too beautiful and too unique not to share it with everyone. But who am I? Am I the poet, the photographer, the chef, the wife, the crafter, the believer? Which side of me do I want to portray to the world? After much thought, this is my answer to my own question.

I am Laurie Noelle. 
Noelle because I was born near Christmas.
The holiday that never fails to transport me to my own personal nirvana.

I am the wife of the most remarkable country man Idaho ever sent out into the world.

I am a women of faith, a daughter of God. 
I can't help but give gratitude to my Father in Heaven who blessed me with this opportunity called life.

I am the granddaughter of Al, Muriel, Dolores, and Glannin, who's blood runs through my veins. 
I have their strength, their laugh, their dreams, even their "elegant neck" as grandma always says.

I am a student at the most incredible university on the earth: the Lord's university, BYU.

I am the daughter of two amazing people who have ingrained memories in my mind so deep and pure
that it causes me to hold back tears of gratitude and pure joy whenever I earnestly think about them.

I am the cellist, if I ever get the courage to pick it back up again after 5 years.

I am Charlotte's sister, whose face literally emits peace and love. 
All you have to do is look at her to feel accepted.
I grew up with that blessing.

I am the gardener who grows flowers in pots because I don't have a all....

I am Deborah's best friend, who has seen me through the highest and lowest points of my life.

I am the girl who lets different kinds of music give her the courage to express different parts of herself. 

I am the mentor and advisor to choice daughters of God when they come to spend their first year at BYU.

I am the girl who get's to watch the remarkable story of her Michael and Stephen Suhaka's
lives unfold, marveling at who they have become and what they accomplishing with their 
growing families, and learning more from their experience then I think is fair. 
Being the youngest has that advantage.

I am the women who at age 23, still can't spell or type accurately.
Infact, there are probably a few mistakes in here.
Learn to love it.

I am the girl who learned to love musical theater at the age of 5,
glued to a PBS screening of Porgie and Bess.
Seeing Les Miserable on Broadway when I was 7. 
I didn't recover from the overwhelming experience for two incredible weeks.

I am the girl who's role in the family was both Sunday dinner biscuit maker, and peacemaker.

I am the singer who is to scared to sing, and the actress who is scared to act.

I am the lover of anything gourmet, both the making of it and the eating of it.

I am the girl who could spend 30 minutes looking at one photograph, 
trying to figure out what it is about capturing an experience in a single image makes that it look so special.

I am all these things and more. 
That is my identity. 
This is Laurie.

This is me.


And I can't wait to share who I am. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coldplay and Torches

So I am sitting in the bottom floor of the Clyde building with Coldplay setting the mood in the background. Shawn is playing with a flame torch beside me and Jacob is standing on a table connecting flow control meters to the ceiling. Welcome to the rest of our life! Chemical Engineering! I am spending the evening with Shawn and with coworkers at his research lab. Although I have no idea what is going on around me, it's amazing to realize that this is going to be Shawn's life...playing with torches and acid and who knows what else. Watching him really inspires me. He loves what he does and seems to lose track of time, so focused on his task. It could almost be poetic if the task wasn't soldering stainless steel pipes together with 5000 degree (F) flame. But, even then, amongst my "Honey be careful!"'s and "You are going to kill yourself!"'s, I really love watching him work. I guess everyone has their own form of poetry. Sometimes its novels, music, accounting problems, or like to the love of my life, flow meters. Someday I hope to understand and be an active supporter of his work, but I guess for now I can just enjoy Coldplay, and watch him work his magic: both on the stainless steel rod he is heating up till it turns orange, and on me. I love you darling!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Engagement Pictures

We also got our engagement pictures taken while we were in Maryland! Honestly, I have been dreaming about my engagement pictures since I was old enough to appreciate all of the wedding invitations my Mom and Dad would get. This has been the most exciting thing for me so far! We were positively blessed to have an AMAZING photographer who was so generous with her time and her talents. I can't even express how grateful I am to her. She really did make all of the dreams I had about that experience come true! And thank you to Mom for orchestrating the whole thing.

And I have to say thank you to Shawn. He wasn't only the most patient and supportive fiance in the entire world, but he looks like a model! :) I can't believe I get to marry this man! We were taking picture for three hours and never once was there a complaint. In fact, he was just as into it as I was! Sometimes I wonder if I really deserve him... I love you darling!

Our Weekend in Maryland

Shawn and I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend in Maryland! It was a dream! In fact, it went by so quickly that it still feels like a dream. I woke up this morning back in Provo apartment and felt like the whole thing had never happened! But it did, and it was wonderful!

My mom has been a complete doll. She spent the last month putting together an engagement party for Shawn and me since we won't get a to have a reception in Maryland after the wedding. It was so good to have a chance to show Shawn off to all of my friends and the people and families I have looked up to my whole life. He was perfect....I fell ever more in love with him through the whole thing.

Here are some pictures to share. The food was amazing...but of course we wouldn't expect anything less from Sylvia Suhaka. Thank you mom! The decorations were a adaptation of what they will be like at the wedding. My mom had the idea to have little card stands placed through out the house with little facts about Shawn and I and about Shawn's life since they don't know him yet. That was a hit! The whole night was just so perfect and so fun!
I made this last minute to put outside to make it obvious which house it was. I think it's kinda pretty. :)

My honey with all the yummy cakes for dessert..his favorite part of the evening...

The centerpiece on the main food table. This is kind of what will be on our tables for the wedding luncheon.

This is an example of the cards that were all over the house. it was nice because they sparked conversation topics for Shawn with all of the people he didn't know.

We got gifted... :) We were overwhelmed with people's generosity! We couldn't believe how thoughtful everyone was. We really are humbled...

Shawn and I after the party. I'm sure you can tell we were pretty exhausted. You should have seen my mom! :)

Thank you to everyone who helped us put the evening together and who came to celebrate with us! Now we are counting down! Thirty-two days until the Big Day!